Beyond Chronic Chaos

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Running on Jesus, coffee and vodka LaCroix.  WHAT?!  Let’s be real, it’s how I survive some days!

In 2014, I started writing a blog about my journey with Endometriosis.  This has turned into a desire and passion to write more and spread the knowledge I have learned from living with chronic pain and now raising my youngest kiddo with a chronic illness.

When choosing the name for this blog, people suggested names that said sunshine and rainbows to me. That isn’t what I want this to be. When living with chronic illness or pain it sucks, it’s hard but there really is hope and things can still be modified to lead an amazing life. It is all about changes. This is a real journey through chronic pain, chronic illness, healthier living and making changes.  It’s not what happens, it’s how we react.

My hope and prayer for this, is that I will have the chance for my story to resonate and comfort one person and reach even more. I hope you will find support and compassion in what you are going through here.  I’m excited to be able to share with you our family’s story as well as the journey through food, essential oils, clean living as well as whatever else you are looking for or that comes to my mind. 


In this journey of chronic living, it is so important to know that you aren’t alone.  Other people are living similar stories and have fought similar battles that you are fighting. My goal is to give you support and tools to get through the weeks, days, even hours at your worst or a good for you day.


I want this to become a resource for people to use that live with chronic illness.  This has become my mission and calling.

I am a wife of an amazing man and a mom of three kiddos, that all have their lifelong medical struggles. Our life is chaotic and crazy but juggling it all is what we have to do, while trying to make family memories as often as possible.  I have tried to find the best resources out there to help manage all areas of our lives. It is all over the place.  I hope you find this website to be a one stop for so many things that we need, as support.  I have been where you are. I’m doing it. I’m living it.  It is hard and consuming at times but there are ways to get through it. And I want to help!

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