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11 ways to get back up

Don’t Give Up Hope- 11 ways to get back up

Don’t give up, you have to get back up!

“I get knocked down, but I get up again. You are never gonna keep me down.” – Chumbawamba

Oh ya, I just went all 90’s on you!!! I love that song!  It is so true and how you should feel!

When I am ready to hide from the world, be done with my life or run away, I remind myself, others are watching!  The “others” are often my kids.  My kids are the reason I keep pushing forward.  My kids are the reason I get up and fight again today.  They are watching and learning.

I often think about what it would teach my kids if I killed myself, or if I decided to hide in my bed away from the world for a long period of time.  Yes, there are people who have depression so bad that hiding away is what they do, I am not talking about that!  I am talking about the giving up kind.  There is a huge difference!  

You have to look for the hope!  You have to remind yourself that this moment is really tiny in the big scheme of what we call life!

There are 525,600 minutes in a year!  Whatever has you down in this moment or this day is only a small portion of the over 40 million minutes you are alive!!!  

Here are some ideas of what I do to not allow myself to stay down!!!

  1. Admit there is a problem!  If you don’t admit something is wrong, bugging or irritating you, it can’t be fixed!!!  This is always the very first step!!!  Figure out what the root of the problem is, only from there can you move forward to feeling better
  2. Talk about it.  Tell the person that the problem is with.  Talk it out!  Sometimes it may be writing it all down.  I am a blogger, I write so much down to process things.  It is just helpful for me!
  3. Confide in someone. Talk about the new diagnosis with someone who is compassionate and understanding.  Talk about how your job sucks. Talk to someone who you trust.  Get their feedback if you are ready for that (it’s ok if you aren’t!!!!)
  4. Go back to your habits.  Habits are so important to standing back up, fighting again and being motivated. Rachel Hollis says “don’t think about it, just go do it anyways.”  It’s so true we have to rely on our habits to get us through the tough times. 
  5. Use habits with triggers.  These are habits on steroids!!!  If you haven’t listened to Brendon Burchard, you are missing out.  I especially love his podcast on “Sustaining Habits with Triggers.”  I will write more on that another time but check out his podcast in the meantime.
  6. Meditate. If praying, yoga, guided meditation or sitting quietly help you, do it!! Whatever helps you center yourself back to realizing you are worth it then do it!  
  7. Tapping. This is super new to me and I love it!!!  There are tons of YouTube videos out there on how to do this.  I can lower my pain and anxiety with a short tapping session.  You totally want to check it out if you haven’t yet.
  8. Find what motivates you.  I love the first then statements. Here’s an example, FIRST I work really hard and get 5 posts written or go to the gym x amount of days this week THEN I get this reward.  The reward could be a relaxing bath, pedicure, root beer float, whatever you want to work for.  It goes back to the token system we used on our kids!
  9. Limit the time that you mope about it.  With some things I give myself an hour to feel sorry for myself.  Other times I give myself the rest of the day!  I always want to wake up the next day moving on from that moment.  It doesn’t mean I don’t think about it, it means I look at it as another stepping block to my moving the mountains of life.
  10. Stop “should-ing” yourself!  No more.  We are done with should haves, could haves and would haves.  Those are not beneficial to anyone!!!
  11. Stand back up.  Oh my Gosh if you remember nothing else, remember this one!!!  STAND BACK UP!!!  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT let anything keep you down.  STAND BACK UP!!!
Ways not to give up

People draw their strength from others who have struggled through things ahead of them.  Someone is watching.  Someone is saying, “I can get through this because Danielle got through it before me.”  Someone is thinking, I can navigate this because Becky has already done it.  Look to see who is ahead of you on this path, you can do it too!!!

Don’t give up! Make sure to get back up when things get tough.

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